Vegetarian ang vegan food. Tues-Sat 17.30-22.30. Take Away and reservations +46 40 29 11 21.

Tues-Sat 17.30-22.30  BOOK A TABLE

Indian samosas, 55 kr (vegan)
Snack with spiced potatoes and green peas.
Served with cilantro chutney.

Indian Papadambread, 45 kr
(vegan, glutenfree)

Served with sweet chili chutney.
Indian vegetable stir fry, 45 kr
(vegan, glutenfree)
Roasted sweetpotatoe wedges
with avocadoaioli, 65 kr

(vegan, glutenfree)
Root Veg Chips, 45 kr
(vegan, glutenfree)

Served with our homemade vegan apple
mayonnaise at season apples and pink pepper.
Chickpeahummus, 60 kr (vegan)
Served with organic bread.
Nachos with salsa, 55 kr
(vegan, glutenfree)

All dishes can be ordered for TakeAway!


Startup Thali, 169 kr
(Can be made vegan and glutenfree)
Indian vegetable Stir fry, chickpeahummus, limeyoughurt, lemonpickles, sweet chili
sauce, cilantro chutney, indian samosas and indian papadambread.
We recommend our plockthali as a starter for two or a lighter maindish for one.
Even for TakeAway!

Traditional Thali, 235 kr
(vegan, can be made glutenfree)
Three indian dishes at one plate.
MIX VEG: Tomatogravy with vegetables.
Chana Masala: Chickpeas cooked in a spicy and tangy tomato-based sauce.
Sweet dahl: Indian lentilsoup with limeleafs and sweet potatoe.

Except these three dishes the thali is served with rice, pakora, samosa, sweet chili chutney, salad, cilantro chutney, cabbagepickles, organic bread, papadam, lime, cilantro and chili.
Even for TakeAway!

Tues-Sat 17.30-22.30  BOOK A TABLE

Indian dahlsoup, 109 kr
(vegan, can be made glutenfree)
Classic indian lentil soup from our own recipe.
Made from onion, red lentils, sweet potatoe and
limeleafs. Served with bread.
Even for TakeAway!
Indian dahlsoup VOLYM 2, 179 kr
(vegan, can be made glutenfree)

Classic indian dahl from our own recipe, served with rice, papadambread, salad, red cabbagepickles, stir fry, bread, fresh cilantro and lime.
Even for TakeAway!
Ramen, 209 kr
(glutenfree, can be made vegan)
Ramen is a classic japanese dish with influenses from the chinese noodle soup lā miàn. Our ramen is served with noodles, misoseasoning, pak soi, tofu, bamboo, carrot, shitake mushroom, fresh cilantro, chili, spring onion and
beansprouts. Served with an boiled egg or portabello. (Contains soy with gluten)

Tropical tostadas, 189 kr
(vegan, can be made glutenfree)
Mexican tostadas with corn tortilla, grilled tempeh in smokey bbq sauce, avocadoaioli, lime/mangosalsa, salad, crunchy cabbage, grilled pineapple and lime.
Served with sweet potatoe wedges, papayapickles and fresh cilantro.

Vietnamese Bahn Mi Sliders, 189 kr
Jackfruit in vietnamese seasoning with lemongrass. Served in organic miniburgers with vegan majo, veganslaw, radish, cilantro, sesampickled cucumber and nouc cham sauce.
Even for TakeAway!
Jamaican jerk skewers, 189 kr
Grilled mutton (soybean) on a spare marinated in jerk seasoning. Serves with Classic Jamaican rice and peas, avicadoaioli, mangosauce, lime, cilantro and melonsalad.


Tues-Sat 17.30-22.30  BOOK A TABLE

Saffronkulfi, 75 kr
Homemade Indian saffron ice cream. Served with
almond dough and pistachios.
Mango Lassi, 55 kr
Indian cooling yoghurtdrink with mango

Chocolate Truffle, 75 kr
Big piece of truffle. served with raspberrysorbet, pistachios and fresh berries.
Pina Colada Panacotta, 75 kr
Panacotta wirh pineapple top.
Mango/Passion sauce and fresh berries.

Non alcoholic drinks