Rhubarb shandy beertail,129 kr
Strawberry purée, lime, rhubarbsoda, light rum
and brekeriets rhubarb ale. Fresh summercocktail with berries.
Yozo Juicy, 129 kr
Vodkacocktail with yozo juice, yozo pureé and fresh lemon
Mojito,129 kr
Fresh mint, lime, raw sugar, light rum and soda.
Melondramatic, 129 kr
Watermelon juice, basil syrup, fresh lime, tequila and triple sec.
Bombay Smash Pitcher, 279kr
Fresh lime, pineapplejuice, coconutrum and light rum.
Pink Margarita Pitcher, 279kr
Fresh Lime, Pink Grapefruitjuice, Tequila and triple sec.
Watermelon Beertail Pitcher, 279kr
Fresh lime, watermelon, raspberrypurée, cirrus clody lager.


Virgin Rhubarb beertail, 99 kr
Strawberry purée, lime, rhubarbsoda and
Mikkellers drink in th sun. Fresh summercocktail
with berries.
Virgin Melondramatic, 99 kr
Watermelon juice, basil syrup, fresh lime and aqua faba.
Virgin Mojito, 89 kr
Fresh mint, lime, cane sugar and soda
Virgin Yozo Juicy, 129 kr
Fresh lemoncocktail with yozo juice och yozo pureé
Mango lassi, 55 kr
Indian cooling yoghurtdrink with mango flavour.