Nero d´Avola, Sicilien ECO
Medium bodied organic wine with
balanced fruit acid and good length.
Glass 65/95 kr, Bottle 325 kr

Gran Vego, Italy ECO
Vegan certified, modern with great
fruityness. With licorice, blackberries
and spices.
Glass 75/105 kr, Bottle 375 kr
Ananto, Spain ECO
Vegan, fresh and fruity with good
acidity and freshness.
Glass 65/95 kr, Bottle 325 kr
Essence, Riesling, Mosel
Light to medium bodied with lime, orange, and minerals
Glass 65/95 kr, Bottle 325 kr
Crudo, Sicily ECO
Fruity, youthful, floral taste
with elements of pears, litchi,
peang, mandarin and elderflower.
Recomended with our
Asian cousin.
Glass 65/95 kr, Bottle 325 kr
Grillo, Sicily ECO
Dry and fresh white wine
with great acidity.
Glass 65/95 kr, Bottle 325 kr
Moet Champagne
Small bottle, 240 kr
Dry, fruity, fresh taste with hints of biscuits, yellow apples and blood orange.
Prosecco pizzolato, Italy ECO
Bottle 325 kr
4,5 %, Troplical Thunder, 95 kr
Mango, passionfruit, peach. Sweet!
Cider, 65 kr
Local Swedish Cider made from apples

Natureo Muscat, Spain
Glass 45 kr / Bottle 110 kr
White wine with grape, floral
flavour and hints of pear.