Steamed Dumplings 4 pcs
With red cabbage, soyprotein in our korean marinade, cilantro. Our homemade dumplings are served as a starter and includes soy sauce and our papaya/ginger dumpling sauce. Contains gluten, soybean, sesame.
99 kr / take away 89 kr
Edamame Beans
Steamed and served with sesame oil, salt and chili!
99 kr / take away 89 kr
Dip n'Flip (Not available for takeaway)
Includes steamed bao buns, our Korean dumplings in a warm bouillon, mango chutney, homemade seitan in seasoning, apple majo, spring onion salad, kimchi, gyoza chips, coriander, salad, lime and chili.
110 kr/person. Minimum order 2 persons.
Loaded nachos
Loaded nachos with smokey vegan kebab, topped with black beans, sun dried tomatoes, garnished with sweet and spicy sriracha mayo and lime creme fraiche.
159 kr / take away 143 kr
Indian papadam
Gluten-free crisps served with mango chutney.
55 kr / take away 49


Three tacos each with their own flavour. With marinated jackfruit filling in each. One with a spicy salsa, one with chili mayo and one with guacamole. Served with a fresh salad of greens and sprouts. Includes a Dhal soup.
225 kr / take away 203 kr
Sajvva's Fesenjoon
Our take on this traditional Persian stew gives you slices of soy fillet in a sweet&sour gravy of ground walnut, almonds and pomegranate. Served with saffron rice, spinach yoghurt and minty vegetable dip. Contains oat, almonds, walnut and soy protein.
230 kr / takeaway 207 kr
Indonesian inspired dish: Turmeric and lemon grass infused rice, served with tofu kalio and vegetable fritters with peanut butter dipping sauce. Sids: pickled vegetables.
225 kr / Take away 203 kr
White rice noodles in spiced miso & coconut milk broth, topped with tofu kalio, beansprouts, bok choy, sauteed shiitake mushroom and pickled red cabbage. Sprinkled with coriander, spring onion, sesame seeds and lime.
225 kr / Take away 203 kr


Brownie with cocoa nibs or Raspberry/Licorice cake......Choose between vanilla- or raspberry ice cream
Vegan and gluten free. Vanilla ice cream is made of soybean and the raspberry ice cream is sorbet. Let us know about your allergies. Please note: depending on what desserts we serve this week, we might not do it as take away.
95 kr