Dip n'Flip
Includes steamed bao breads, our korean dumplings in warm bouillon, papaya dumpling sauce, homemade seitan in seasoning, apple majo, spring onion salad, kimchi, gyoza chips, cilantro, salad, lime and chili.
110 kr/person. Minimum order 2 persons.
Loaded Kimchi Nachos
Corn nachos, bulgogi, kimchi, sesam, miso “cheese” cream. Served with green onion, cilantro, lime and gochujang majo
65 kr
Root Veg Chips
Served with applemayo and pink peppe
45 kr
Edamame Beans
Steamed and served with sesam, salt and chili!
45 kr
Papadam Bread
Indian crunchy, deep fried papadam breads. Served with mango chutney!
45 kr
Korean Dumplings
With red cabbage, soyprotein, guchujan, ginger, hoisin, cilantro. Our homemade dumplings are served as a starter and includes soja and our papaya dumpling sauce.
4 pcs, 90 kr / + 1 pcs, 20 kr


Korean Street Bowl
Our classic bowl with rice in seasoning, kimchi, asian slaw, salad, sprouts, lime cucumber grilled tofu, shitake mushroom, lime portabello, cilantro.
205 kr
Dhaka´ i Coconut Masal
Creamy masala gravy with seasonal vegetables, green mango, oyster mushrooms and chickpeas. Served with raita, papadam, salad, cabbage pickles, rice, fresh lime and cilantro
189 kr
Autumn Garden Phó
Rice noodles in bouillon with white wine, ginger, star anis, fennel, koriander seed. Served with pak soi, green onion. bean sprouts, cilantro, thai basil, autumn pickles, grilled oyster mushroom, tofu, sesame chili sauce, lime and hoisin.
189 kr
Nasi Djingo
An Indonesian culinary dish that origins from Bali and Sumatra. A medium size main dish full of fresh and plant based ingredients. Yellow rice with coconut and lemon grass - Roasted caramelized tempeh - Satay skewers from mushrooms - Steamed cassave root.
205 kr
Indian Thali
Three different indian dishes served in one plate.
229 kr


Ask us!
We change our desserts with the seasons, our mood and available ingredients. Ask us about the pastry chefs choice for today.