Steamed Dumplings 4 pcs
With red cabbage, soyprotein in our korean marinade, cilantro. Our homemade dumplings are served as a starter and includes soy sauce and our papaya/ginger dumpling sauce. Contains gluten, soybean, sesame.
99 kr / take away 89 kr
Edamame Beans
Steamed and served with sesame oil, salt and chili!
45 kr / take away 40 kr
Dip n'Flip (Not available for takeaway)
Includes steamed bao breads, our korean dumplings in warm bouillon, papaya dumpling sauce, homemade seitan in seasoning, apple majo, spring onion salad, kimchi, gyoza chips, cilantro, salad, lime and chili.
110 kr/person. Minimum order 2 persons.
Spicy Crispy Dumplings 6 pcs
The crunchy version of our korean dumplings, filled with marinated soy beef, cabbage and fresh coriander. Served with our garlic & chili mayo. Contains gluten, soybean, mustard, sesame.
99 kr / take away 89 kr
Indian papadam
Gluten-free crisps served with mango chutney.
55 kr / take away 49


Vindaloo Kofta Korma
Our vegan kofta is made of soy and black beans. They are served in spicy vindaloo gravy and comes with basmati rice, minty vegetable raita, Sajvva sallad, papadam bread, mango chutney and cocktail samosas. Contains gluten and soy beans.
209 kr / take away 188 kr
Jamaican Khicken Skewers
Skewers of soy fillet marinated in freshly squeezed orange juice and flavorful jerk spices, sesame oil basmati rice with fried shallot, garlic and green peas. Sajvva sallad, mango/avocado-sauce and avocado aioli. Contains sesame oil and soy beans.
239 kr / take away 215 kr
Tandoori Jackfruit Kebab
Two skewers of juicy jackfruit marinated in tandoori paste, served with basmati rice, steamed sugar snaps in tandoori sauce, Sajvva sallad, papadam bread, mango chutney and creamy, sweet mango raita. Contains oat.
219 kr / takeaway 197 kr
Vietnamese Banh Pho (not available for takeaway)
Rice noodles seasoned with sesame oil and a flavorful mix of spices, served miso bouillon. Black fungus, cooked in bouillon and fried together with tofu dice. Sajvva sallad and fresh coriander. Contains sesame oil, fenugreek, mustard seeds, soy beans.
229 kr


Pastry Chef's Choice
We change our desserts with the season, our mood and available ingredients. Ask us what we serve this week, and let us know about your allergies. Please note: depending on what desserts we serve this week, we might not do it as take away.
85 kr