Loaded Kimchi Nachos
Corn nachos, bulgogi, kimchi, sesam, miso “cheese” cream. Served with green onion, cilantro, lime and gochujang majo
85 kr
Indian papadam
Served with mango chutney
45 kr
Indian Samosa
Indian samosas filled with potato, green peas, onion, mango and indian spices. Served on a bed of greens with mango chutney, cilantro chutney and sweet raita
85 kr
Edamame Beans
Steamed and served with sesam, salt and chili!
45 kr
Dip n'Flip
Includes steamed bao breads, our korean dumplings in warm bouillon, papaya dumpling sauce, homemade seitan in seasoning, apple majo, spring onion salad, kimchi, gyoza chips, cilantro, salad, lime and chili.
110 kr/person. Minimum order 2 persons.
Korean Dumplings
With red cabbage, soyprotein, guchujan, ginger, hoisin, cilantro. Our homemade dumplings are served as a starter and includes soja and our papaya dumpling sauce.
4 pcs, 90 kr / + 1 pcs, 20 kr


Korean Street Bowl
Our classic bowl with rice in shiitake bouillon, asian slaw, salad, sprouts, lime pickled cucumber, grilled tofu in nouc cham, ginger and garlic portabello , cilantro and our homemade kimchi.
205 kr
Korean Kimchi Burger
Ginger, garlic and chili marinated portabello burger with chipotle mayo, pak choi kimchi salad, chinese plum sauce, caramelized red onion, lettuce in a soft sesame bun. Served with bulgogi potato and a side of gochujang mayo.
189 kr
Persian Wedding Rice
Persian wedding rice Sajvva style with marinated soy beef, green beans, carrot, sumak and onion cooked in a tomato broth. The rice comes with a side of tomato, eggplant, persian yogurt sauce Mast khiar, salad shirazi, pistachio and pomegranate
209 kr
Japanese yoru no pan
Two steamed black bao breads served with teriyaki tempeh, chili cumumber pickle, fermented kosho mayo, grapefruit summer pickle, arugula, cilantro and a misomasu soup with green onions and enoki mushroom.
225 kr
Indian Thali for Two
Indian Thali is for you who likes to share your food. It comes on a big thali plate with Aloo Sukka potatoes, sweet potato dahl soup, chickpea salad, Indian samosa, cabbage parkora, papadam, mango chutney and sweet raita. Served with rice and cilantro
289 kr


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We change our desserts with the seasons, our mood and available ingredients. Ask us about the pastry chefs choice for today.
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