The Steamer


Korean Dumplings V Korean Dumplings Korean Dumplings
With red cabbage, soyprotein, guchujan, ginger, hoisin, cilantro. Our homemade dumplings are served as a starter and includes soja and our papaya dumpling sauce.
4 pcs, 90 kr / + 1 pcs, 20 kr


Steamed Edamame V G Steamed Edamame
45 kr
Kimchi V G Kimchi Kimchi
15 kr
Oi Muchim Cucumber V Oi Muchim Cucumber Oi Muchim Cucumber Oi Muchim Cucumber
30 kr


Two Steamed Bao Buns V Two Steamed Bao Buns Two Steamed Bao Buns
with smokey yakisoba seitan, mushroom salsa, cilantro, spring onions, pepper and fennel relish and lime. Served with oi muchim cucumber and apple mayo.
2 BAO BUNS, 205 kr + 1 BAO, 95 kr
Dip n'Flip Dip n'Flip
Oi muchim cucumber, summer rolls, wontoncups with ginger mayo and a wok of fresh veggies and soybeef, vinegar sauce, pak soi salad, kimchi and gyoza chips. We recommend our dip n´flip as a starter for two! Can be made vegan!

The Street

Indian Malai Kofta V TA Indian Malai Kofta
Crispy kofta dumplings made from cabbage, cauliflower, carrots, green peas, red bell pepper and kidney beans in a creamy, sweet and sour tomato gravy. Served with a warm whole grain oat salad including spinach and green peas. One of our classics!
179 kr
Tropical Taco V TA Tropical Taco Tropical Taco
Three corn tortillas with refried black beans in smokey BBQ sauce. Avocadoaioli, pineapple, onion pickles, mangosalsa, lime and cilantro.
159 kr


Sweet Potato Wedges with Avocadoaioli V G
65 kr
Blue Corn Nachos with two Salsas V G Blue Corn Nachos with two Salsas Blue Corn Nachos with two Salsas
60 kr


Jamaican Jerk Skewers V G TA
Two spares with grilled veggie mutton in jamaican jerk seasoning with lime and orange. Melon salad, mango sauce, salad, lime, cilantro and rice & peas.
189 kr
Kimchi Fried Rice V TA Kimchi Fried Rice Kimchi Fried Rice
Gochujang seitan, pak soi, rosewater daikon, sweet miso cream, sesam crema, fresh lime and cilantro.
205 kr
Korean Street Bowl V TA Korean Street Bowl Korean Street Bowl
Our classic bowl with rice in seasoning, kimchi, asian slaw, salad, sprouts, lime cucumber grilled tofu, shitake mushroom, lime portabello, cilantro.
205 kr


Chocolate Truffle V G
Chocolate truffle served with fresh berries and sorbet.
85 kr
Saffron Kulfi G
Classic indian ice cream with our own recipe. Made of milk and lots of saffron. Served with pistachios and almond dough.
85 kr